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So, where do I get much of my information? Here are the references I use most. Also, I use 'DMS' (or sometimes 'EMP') in various places on this site, and here are the explanations.

Author Title Date Publisher Comments
Hauton, R. R. and A. Hindemarsh The Development of the Meccano System 1972; supplements 1975 and 1982 The Meccanoman's Club Known as DMS

This work describes Meccano parts and their variations. Index numbers are assigned to each variation, allowing easy discussion of parts variations. Dates of introduction and (sometimes) obsolescence are also included. Available from M. W. Mail Order - see their website

Blakeborough, Don Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts (6 volumes) 1992? Self-published Follows on to DMS; known as EMP

This is an expansion and re-arrangement of DMS, and includes drawings of most parts. Parts are arranged in part number order, and each part number has a page of description (and DMS references), and a page of drawing(s). This is the reference I now use most of the time - it is MUCH more convenient than DMS. Available through M. W. Mail Order also has a version of EMP on CD; see the link above.

Love, Bert and Jim Gamble The Meccano System 1986 New Cavendish Books  
This is THE reference on the history of Meccano. M. W. Models still list this book; see their webpage mentioned above.
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