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I include here some pictures (and links to bigger pictures) of various outfits (or sets). Click on the pictures for a larger image. Outfits were numbered, with as many as eight basic sets available. The numbers were, in order from the smallest outfit to the largest: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Larger outfits were not sold in the US until the No. 7 of 1937; the No. 7 was introduced in England in 1924. "Linking" outfits were sold almost throughout the history of Meccano. These were called accessory outfits, and had an "A" after the number. If you had a No. 2 outfit, for example, you could buy a No. 2a outfit, combine it with your No. 2 and have the equivalent of a No. 3 outfit.

There were other accessory outfits at various times. The only ones sold in the US (at least that I am aware of) were the Inventor's Outfit (from 1916 - 1923; when the Inventor's B was introduced, this became the Inventor's A Outfit), the Inventor's B (from 1921 - 1923), and the Electrical Outfit (1921 - 1922).

For a listing of the outfits sold in the US from 1909 to around 1932, download the Meccano Price List (PDF). You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file.

No. 6 outfitsHere is a gallery of early wood box No. 6 outfits, from 1910 through about 1916.

1938 US Meccano No. 4 outfitThis is the 1938 US Meccano No. 4 outfit shown on the home page. There is a story about the outfit as well as a larger picture.

No. 201 Meccano Block outfitHere is a No. 201 Meccano Block outfit. The manual (a color photocopy) is copyright 1930, and has Gilbert reference numbers M-1268 (on the cover) and M-1257 (inside). Outfits 203, 205, and 210 (at least) were also available. The blocks are made of a hard plastic, and the bridge parts are metal. The bridge parts appeared in several of the Meccano outfits over the years. These are not listed in my Meccano Price List!

No. 10 Outfit from around 1933This is a No. 10 Outfit from around 1933. It was made by Gilbert, and contains not only the conventional parts (sufficient to make a large truck), but also the so-called "wide beam" parts. Snap Rivets were available to fasten the wide beam parts together, and nuts and bolts for the other parts. There is a rubber stamped "10" in the top right hand corner of the lid.

US Meccano 1929 No. 30This is a 1929 No. 30 Outfit. It seems to include a 30a (or equivalent), because it has many parts not included in a No. 30, based on the earlier contents listings. The manuals from this era no longer listed the Contents of Outfits.
US Meccano Electrical OutfitThis is a 1921-1922 Electrical Accessory outfit. It was made in England, but the manual is a US version.
1928 Number 3xA 1928 Number 3x outfit.
1927 No. 4A 1927 No. 4 outfit.
1929 No. 5 SpecialThe 1929 outfits had an unusual numbering scheme, not used before or since. Perhaps the strangest outfit is the No. 5 Special, pictured here. It did not fit into the typical Meccano progressive outfits. More information is available; click on the picture.
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