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1912 No. 6 Meccano Outfit


This is a No. 6 Outfit from 1912, carefully restored by Lou Boselli.

1912 No. 6 Meccano OutfitHere is an overall view of the outfit, with the tray placed in front of the box. The lid over the brassware (wheels and gears) is open, and the clear plastic inside the frame does not show. The brassware is supported on a metal plate which is blued, giving a nearly black finish.

1912 No. 6 Meccano OutfitHere is a better view of the brassware. There are no set screws in the wheels and gears. Until 1912, a spring clip with a tongue was used. The tongue projected into a small groove in the hole of the wheel to prevent turning. This acted like a key, although there was no groove in the axle (the earliest parts did have a groove in the axle, but this feature had disappeared by 1909). Set screws were introduced in 1913, although some parts did have set screws in late 1912.

In the compartment with the small parts box, a small key is visible. This is the key for the lock on the box. The key is resting on a length of chain; this part was supplied only until 1914. It is not like the later sprocket chain.

1912 No. 6 Meccano OutfitThe bottom layer, showing the blued flanged plates. This outfit had both hanks of cord (seen in the picture above), and so-called "cards of cord," seen in this view.

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