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US Meccano 1929 Number 5 Special Outfit


This is an odd outfit; it is the No. 0 outfit with the addition of the motor, four 2" wheels and their tires, and two 12-1/2" strips. All other outfits could be built progressively with the "Accessory Outfits", but this one included parts (the motor, 2" wheels and tires) which did not appear in any other outfit. The motor is unusual, too; it is not listed as a separate part, and is actually a cut down version of the earlier motor from 1927, with no space to build a gearbox, and no room for a reversing switch. For some time, I had thought that this outfit was not made, but examples were found. The packaging is strange, too, in that all of the major parts, including the manual, are individually displayed on the Ôstringing cardÕ. This makes for a quite large box, but with not very many parts. The catalog showing this outfit indicates that it includes the main manual plus the No. 5 Supplement; it also includes the 0/1 supplement manual, if the main manual shown is included. (The later 1929 manual, which has "0 - 40" printed on the cover, includes the models in the supplementary manual shown.)

This outfit was restored. The parts layout is my best guess, based on the holes in the (original) stringing card and a number of indentations in the card left by the parts. The parts are all original, either to this particular outfit or to other No. 5 Special outfits in my collection. The ribbon holding the manual is original, too (I nearly threw it out!).

The box is 12 x 19 x 2-1/2 inches (305 x 485 x 64 mm).

US Meccano 1929 Number 5 Special Outfit
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